OOC: Hiatus.

Um. Hi. I’m not dead.

But I am going to be on hiatus from WoW and RP for a while.

It happened. I pulled my book from my publisher and I’m self-publishing it. Even my wildly unprofessional editor agrees that if I were to edit the book to fit any of the category lines it’s slotted for, it would destroy everything that makes the book good. But I’m still under contract with them, so I owe them a wholly new book written to their specifications. I’ve got to write that book, finish a companion novella to the current book, get both the book and novella properly self-edited, send them off to freelance editors for additional butchering, and handle the whirlwind of publicity and cover art and formatting and promotions…while still doing a day job on the side.

I have never been more grateful for my background as a professional editor, cover artist, and book formatter, not to mention the rest of my publishing industry experience - but this will be immensely stressful and time-consuming. Just the social media aspect of my author alter ego’s life takes up hours every day; hours I’d normally spend on WoW or RP, but they’re necessary in order to further expand my reader base and build buzz in anticipation of release, to make sure that the outcome of this fight has been worth the struggle.

So I’m really not going to have time anymore. To people I raided and RPed with, I’m sorry to have to drop out on you. I don’t expect anyone to wait for me, and if I have any ongoing stories with you, feel free to write me out. Don’t hesitate to ask me if there’s something you’re uncertain on.

Again, I’m sorry. But I wish you all the best. I’ve loved getting to know everyone in the tumblr RP community; you’re awesome people who do so much to engage and support each other, and you’re all so brilliantly creative. Be good to yourselves. <3 I’ll see you around.

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The bathing chamber—washed in soft golden light, candles glimmering until the entire room seemed as if it had been trapped in a crystal of amber. This moment. This moment when Sathyre stretched naked in the bath, bronze skin glistening wet; when Desine knelt at his back like a supplicant, demure in his posture, his slender fingers buried in the raven’s dark hair, stroking luxuriantly through the ropy tangles to straighten them out and lay them in shining coils against strong, tawny shoulders.

And then—then the heat of rough skin under his touch, the stroke of his fingers over Sathyre’s cheeks. That gentle tilt of his head back to meet his eyes, so close he could see the long, lush curve of the raven’s lashes, so close their breaths mixed and mingled. Pale jadefire eyes locked on black. The words he had meant to say died on his tongue. His lips tingled, ached, parting, his mouth hot with that emptiness that longed for contact. That remembered the raven’s mouth crushing against his own with a claiming possession he had not earned, but had simply taken anyway as if it was his just due.

Closer. Closer, until the prickle of body heat electrified him, left his mouth pulsing with the promise of a touch, a taste, a kiss. Sathyre lifted one hand, dripping melodic spatters of water like liquid diamonds, to weave wet fingers into Desine’s hair and drag him down, fuse their mouths together—

Desine snapped awake with a gasp, his stomach feeling hollow, his heart shifting a few degrees to the left, as if it would fall right out of his chest. His eyes darted around the room swiftly, searching the darkness, but he was alone. Always alone. He liked it that way, he told himself as he curled up against the headboard and tried to push all thoughts of Sathyre from his mind. He needed to be alone.

What he didn’t need was dreams of a man he despised, a man he loathed, a man whose very animalistic sexuality made his gorge rise with sheer nausea.

Light above, sometimes his subconscious was a bitch.

He only hoped Sathyre would hurry to find that redheaded whelp, so that he might be free of the entire lot of Angellos’s damned brood.

((Finally doing this. <3 Sorry it took me so long.))

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Hot damn! Both for Desi from Soh, from Ixon for Amri, and from Zia for Tionis. (No, I don't ask a lot of you, do I?)


(Zomg, so demanding!  <3)

Sohavaen tilts his head, looking slightly baffled by the question.  So odd of a question.  ”Just based off physical qualities only?”  He frowns, thinking a moment on that and then shrugs.  ”I suppose a seven or an eight?  He’s not really the type I normally find myself attracted to, but he’s just… different looking. Unique.  I like that.”

Amri tried to suppress the grin that showed up when asked about Ixon, but ultimately failed.  Blushing deeply, she looks down, “Can I say twenty?  Because really ten isn’t quite enough.  Unless we factor in personality.  Then he’d get knocked down to ten for stubbornness.”  She nods decidedly.

Ziator perks a brow a the question, looking almost worried.  ”Is he making you ask?  He’s so strange about my opinion of his looks…”  Sighing a bit, he finally answers.  ”A ten.  Yes, his looks are far from conventionally handsome, to say the least.  But so am I.  I’m in no way conventional.  I like that he is different than anyone else.  He has a dark beauty about him.  I admire that.  But please don’t tell him  that I said that.  I’ve upset him enough as it is.”

((I’m just amused by Zia thinking Tio cares about his opinion or would bother having a third party ask. *just dies*))

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Hot Damn! for Zan -snicker-

Desine’s upper lip curled at the stranger asking what he thought of a man he’d hardly met, only spoken to on a few occasions. And he was supposed to…rate by numbers? What asinine foolishness was this? His lips thinned, before he forced himself to plaster on a thin, polite smile. He was in public, and had to play at social niceties to blend in.

After all, it would hardly do to rip someone’s throat out and leave them in a heap on the cobbles for asking a simple question. Most unseemly. Most.

He sighed, giving the stranger a veiled look, steepling his fingers together. “Seven, I suppose,” he said coolly. “Please understand that I find all matters of the physical entirely detestable and am no more capable of feeling attraction to another living being than an armoire is capable of feeling attraction to a desk lamp. However…there is a certain appeal to his scarring. To his quiet. He tries to hide himself, yet the macabre ruin of him is what draws me to speak to him, and I find the twisted artistry of his face to be quite fascinating.”



(Image credit to franken.senate.gov)

Today is the last day to submit your comments to the FCC regarding the death of Net Neutrality as we know it. You can go here to make your voice heard, and remind them that this is government by the people, for the people, not by corporate lobbyists for corporate benefit.

I just submitted this:

This is, in essence, double-dipping. Customers already pay cable companies for tiered access speeds; they have plans in place that slow down our speeds based on how much we pay. So we pay them for the highest access speed…and still can’t reach the pages we want in a timely fashion because they’re now choking the content providers for money to allow us access at normal speeds, too?

This goes against any principle of a free market, and could have a deeply negative effect on the economy considering how many small businesses and independent service providers, artists, writers, and so many others use the internet to keep themselves afloat, to make money that is then funneled into our economy. That money would suddenly go to the cable companies—until it didn’t anymore when business dried up and they were forced to quit, either becoming unemployed non-contributors to the economy’s growth or entering into jobs that may be less lucrative for them and may even take jobs out of the hands of people already struggling with unemployment in a down market.

So yes, please, let’s force people out of business, increase unemployment and competition for jobs, and double-charge two different customers for the same service. Isn’t that illegal? Forcing one customer to pay for a service that another customer has already paid for in order to grant that second customer access to the service? It’s like telling a Taco Bell customer he can’t eat the burrito he just bought until the line cook pays Taco Bell corporate for the privilege of using the kitchen.

This is a horrible idea. And people have spoken up en masse, making it clear this is not what the people want. The people you are supposed to serve, not paying lobbyists. Your job is to listen to us and govern by the will of the people. Not to brush aside our concerns with mealy-mouthed answers and vague comments of acknowledgement while proceeding to do whatever you please, even if it’s to the detriment of the people you serve.

My point? When you make your comments, be articulate. Be reasonable. Don’t just say “this sucks, you’re all greedy pigs.” Make sure they understand that we are all coming from a place of reasoned objection; this isn’t just another internet hate mob jumping on a bandwagon. This is the people trying to preserve a free market and open space for communication.It’s borderline impossible to regulate the internet for profit without favoring large corporations, and creating an impact with devastating trickle-down effects both in the short and long term.

They may not even read your comments. But it’s worth the chance that they might, and the more people who speak up, the more we can make them stop and take notice. So go, speak, and let them know that we’re paying attention—and we will be heard.

Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.





Of fucking course

What sick bastard doesn’t

"You’d be surprised", said Xaldien, who just lost four followers and received a lovely "men can’t be raped" anon shortly after reblogging this the first time.

Yowch, disgusting.

Fuck that shit.
Of course it fucking happens.  Who the fuck thinks it doesn’t?
And worse, how the fuck can someone not care?

It happens more than you’d think. I tried to see a therapist about my CSA triggers and she told me it wasn’t really abuse because my rapist was only a few years older than me, and it was just “kids playing” despite the pain, the fear, the humiliation, the full penetration. I was also forced one other time as an adult, when I was intoxicated and incapable of defending myself. I said no. He didn’t listen. Pretty much anyone I tried to talk to about it—plus the therapist at a later date—implied that if I didn’t want to have sex, I shouldn’t have overestimated my alcohol tolerance, and that since he was able to physically stimulate me against my will, I must have really wanted it.

There’s a lot of “if he was hard he really wanted it” and “you can’t rape a man because he’s bigger and can force you off” and “men are always the aggressors, women always the victims” and “men always want sex, so how is it rape?” There’s also a prevalent issue where men don’t talk about it because it makes them weak, gay, a pussy in the eyes of other men. Any man bringing it up is shamed and made to feel less than human, less than a man. (Which is another fucking issue, really, that masculinity is treated as some be-all and end-all of existence and must be upheld at all times, but I’m trying not to derail too much here.) In essence, men are made to feel the way women are made to feel every day about so many things, and silenced in the same way—because no one wants to hear about it. Hearing about it means you might have to actually do something about it, or change common everyday behavior that continues to condone a very persistent, insidious, and widespread rape culture.

I’ve used the experience to reach out to other abuse survivors—male and female, to try to say that we shouldn’t be looking at it down divisive gender lines (even if gender is very much a huge part of how and why this happens to both women and men, and to 100% ignore it would be wrong) but instead looking at each other as people with a common experience, a common pain, that we can try to help each other heal from. I’ve even contributed a short story to an upcoming anthology benefiting survivors of rape and domestic abuse to try to just…bring more light to this issue, for both women and men. It’s something we suffer through together. No one deserves to be dismissed for being a survivor of this, regardless of their gender.

Some people seem to think that acknowledging male victims of rape is somehow detracting from what female victims of rape suffer, as if it’s yet another issue in which privileged assholes are saying “but what about the meeeeeeen?” And it’s not. At all. It’s just another example of the rape culture that affects all of us, and another symptom of a disease we need to cure.

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Not to diss on European mythologies but can we seriously have some fuckin’ recognition that there are religions and mythologies that are not Greek or Norse. Why the fuck did I learn about the Greeks 6 times but we never fucking talked about Africa or even really the mythologies and beliefs of native peoples? 

(Pssst from what group are these deities from?)

The Yoruba of western Africa.

i don’t have many forever reblogs

but this one is

YES. God, I want to see more of my various (very much non-Nordic, non-any-form-of-white/Caucasian/European/etc.) cultures’ mythologies represented and acknowledged for how beautiful and fully-realized they are, rich and nuanced and shaping the minds of generations.

Not just as quaint cultural flavor to be appropriated for decorative purposes by western audiences.

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  • evil characters in states of submission/weakness
  • evil characters momentary feeling things about the people they love
  • evil characters scared or hurt
  • evil characters making a friend or falling in love
  • evil characters being put in positions where they are delicate and sensitive for a short period
  • but their core personality isn’t changed 
  • and they are still evil

^^^^^Everything I have ever loved about some of the greatest moments RPing Desine. Even if he’s only evil by normal perspectives and is instead more operating on a different morality.

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